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Welcome to The Rossman Realty Group's Website for the Landings Yacht Golf and Tennis Club.

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Home Watch Package (Basic)

Inspect home biweekly, check:


            check security systems

            windows and doors for intrusion or damage

Electrical Systems

            check smoke detector’s

            replace batteries when necessary

            unplug or switch off power strips

            home entrainment systems

            TV’s, stereo components


            unplug laundry, washer and dryer

            unplug or switch off water heater


            turn water main off / on

            flush toilets and sinks, water lines

                        check for leaks

            run and lubricate sink disposal, prevent lock ups

            run rinse cycle on dishwasher

            ensure all sink plugs are installed / reinstalled

            irrigation performance and time settings

            Verify Contractor Performance

            lawn service

            pest service

            pool service

Inspect for Insects or Rodents

            inside and outside of home

Check environmental systems

            heat / air conditioning operation

                        clean / replace filters as necessary

            humidistat settings

            visual inspections for mildew or mold

            roof or skylight leaks

Motor Vehicles

            Start / run automobiles

            start / run golf carts

                        check water levels in batteries

Storm shutters installation, as necessary

            if home is in projected path


            collect mail, newspapers

            receive deliveries

Report issues

            preferably by Email

                        electronic photographs


                        US mail or FED X

Monthly newsletter

            on web site

Emergency storm or hurricane updates

            sent by Email

            on website