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Welcome to The Rossman Realty Group's Website for the Landings Yacht Golf and Tennis Club.

       Your On-Site Real Estate Company.

In summary, we’ll open it, stock it, deliverer you to it, close it and go back to monitoring it.  We want to make your vacation break or weekend getaway as worry free and as simple as sending an Email, sending a fax, or picking up the phone.  See you at your next vacation, we’ll be ready for you.

If you need a ride from the airport, no problem!  We’ll pick you up curbside.

You’ll come here and find a well stocked vacation home with no opening requirements, ready for your break to start from the moment you arrive.  If you find we’ve forgotten something, no problem.  Our staff is available to take car of your needs while you are here enjoying your much needed vacation break.

When your vacation is over and you need a ride to the airport, again no problem, we’ll take you there.  And once you’re gone, we want you to have peace of mind that we will take care of everything.  We’ll:

            - clean out perishables from your


            - turn off water systems / plug drains

            - unplug / shut down appliances (TV,

              stereo, washer, dryer, computers, etc)

            - put the patio furniture and BBQ

              equipment away

            - check / lock all doors and windows

            - remove trash and recycling

            - install / close shutters

Home Watch - Vacation Package

Our Vacation Package is a combination of our Season Opening or Welcome Home Package, Season Closing Package, and specific offerings within our Concierge Package.  So many of our clients have called this the jewel of our Home Watch offerings.

The idea here is simple, when you decide to come to your home in paradise, we take care of everything.  All we need is a couple days notice.

Send us your shopping list and your flight information if you are flying in.  We’ll take care of the rest.  All your shopping needs from frozen, produce, meats and spirits will be waiting for your arrival.

We’ll also take care of your reservations to sporting events, concerts or dinners at your favorite restaurants.

It all starts with notification from you, letting us know what your shopping needs are and when you plan to arrive.  You can send these by Email or Fax.

When our staff prepares for your arrival, we’ll:

            - do all your shopping

            - set out your patio furniture

            - power up / set up appliances (heat, A/C, ice maker,               clocks, water heater, BBQ equipment, computers etc.)

            - remove shutters / open blinds / air out your home in


            - turn on and flush water systems

            - uncover and sweep pool

            - turn on pool heater and set temperature

            - Freshen up / turn down bedding

            - Chill your favorite spirits